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Visit Rome Visit Rome
Rome is famous all over the world as the 'eternal city'. Rome is the capital of Italy and is rich of history, evocative monuments, works of art and full history corners. Between the main tourist attractions we can remember the Colosseo, the Chiesa Santa Maria Maggiore, the Basilica di San Pietro, the Cappella Sistina, the Fontana di Trevi, the Pantheon, the Fontana dei Fiori, the Foro di Augusto and of Traiano, the Arco di Costantino, Castel Sant‘Angelo in Lungotevere, the Basilica di San Marco, Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona, the Musei Capitolini, the Campidoglio, the Palazzo di Montecitorio, the Fori Imperiali, the Foro Romano, the chiesa di Santa Francesca Romana, the palazzo Borghese, Piazza di Spagna, the Trinità dei Monti, and many others. The originals name of the Colosseo is Flavio Amphitheater and during the period of the Roman empire it was the center of shows and combats between feracious animals and gladiators. The construction of the Colosseo was begun from Vespasiano but it was inaugurated by Tito in the year 80, with 100 days of games. Every year more than one million of people reach Rome from every part of the world, Rome is the history not only of Italy, but Rome is the history of Europe. Inside of Rome Online you will be able to find the most visited Museums in Rome, famous Parks and Gardens in Rome, splendid Monuments in Rome, the biggest Churches in Rome, huge Palaces in Rome, largest Public Squares in Rome and House of the Memory in Rome.
Also we have devised a characteristic Virtual Tour and a Map of the historical center of Rome that will allow you to visit the city organizing your vacation to the best.

Know Rome Know Rome
Rome is the capital of the western civilization and the heart of the Christianity; with Florence, Rome is the richer city in works of art of the world. Taking a walk for the ways of Rome the impression is to be returns 2000 years behind, the sound of the bells break the harmony of the silence and the mystery of its beautifulst monuments; the small alleys cover in along and in wide every angle of the city, every angle, every garden, every single work of art in opened sky, every public square with its Fontana is full of mystery. Rome is full of artistic, historical, cultural and religious works; the economic development that Rome has donated in the history to the entire humanity is unique.
In this section of Rome Online you will find the Generality of Rome, the History of Rome, one Gallery Pictures of of Rome, some Historical images of Rome, information on the The Flood of Rome and the Annual events.

Rome Hotels Rome Hotels
During your visit to Rome you will have to reserve your accommodation in one of many Rome Hotels. For this reason we have listed the best receptive structures in Rome and province in order to offer you a comfortable and pleasant stay in the capital of Italy. The receptive structures are subdivided by type, by zone (Hills of Rome, Country Side of Rome, Center of Rome...) and by area (Trastevere, Vatican City, historical Center of Rome, ...) and each Hotel has various pages with descriptions, photos, maps, information for reach the structure, prices and lastminute offers. For each Hotel exists moreover the possibility to send a free demand directly to the owner who will answer you within 24 hours with all the informations and the prices.
In the left column of thi section you will find the link to view all the Bed and Breakfast, the 1 Star Hotels, the 2 Stars Hotels, the 3 Stars Hotels, the 4 Stars Hotels, the 5 Stars Hotels, the Farm Houses, the Residence, the Apartments, the Vacation Rentals, and the Hostels..
You will be able moreover to make a research and view the Lastminute or make Rome Italy Hotel Booking.

Enjoy in Rome Enjoy in Rome
Who visit Rome has the possibility to choose between tens discos, pubs and clubs; in Rome the enjoying begins the evening and continues until late night.
Rome is rich of Discos, Pubs, several Disco Pubs and others! Many discotheques are specialized in several types of music and evenings program dedicated to specific kinds of music. In many premises they come organizes Events in Rome of whichever type, like rock, jazz, funky or blues music. You will find the clubs more adapted to your requirements and pubs that organize particular and outlandish evenings. One of the more famous premises without doubt is the Piper that give years are between the Discos more known in Rome; also the Gilda that often offers special guests from all over the world; famous peole of the show, cinema, music and politics. For the lovers of music 70-80's , black music, hip-hop and rock we can remember the Alpheus that offers in several floors various kind of music depending of the particular evening. For the lovers of the Salsa, merenghe or Latin American we advise the Meeting Latino with 3 dancefloors with Cuban music. To the Big Mama disco you will find particular music like jazz, ethnic music, blues, music of author, rock. The Classic Village is indicated particularly for the lovers of the live music; they organize concerts and play DJ's coming from all Europe. The most famous disco between young people is the Metaverso with music house, techno, drum' n' bass.
The roman theatral tradition always has been to the top, and Rome offers to many shows in all the Theatres present in the historical center and in the periphery. Naturally exist also much Cinemas, (small cinemas and greatest multirooms) that program the newest films and hte colossal of the past.
In Rome exist many way for spend one enjoying night: Coffee Bars, Pubs, Disco Pubs, Bars, Night Club and Wine Bars.
In Rome you will be able to taste many types of beer thanks to the several pubs of the historical center that import it from Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Ireland. The pubs and discos are always full of life, attend by many (Roman and students from abroad) young people. And if you want to spend a particular evening you can go in one of the Night Club situated in Rome.

Eat in Rome Eat in Rome
Eat in Rome is always an occasion to taste the kitchen of the Lazio with its simple but delicate flavours. The roman popular kitchen is characterized by economic, genuine and simple products, foods revalues in the last years. The cooking is typically with lots of fried food, pastas, vegetables, cheeses and herbs, strutto and lardo, olive oil.
Between the typical plates we remember the Bucatini all'Amatriciana, Pagliata arrosto, Gnocchi di semolino, bruschetta , fried Stockfish, Saltimbocca alla Romana, Straccetti alla Romana, Carciofi alla Giuda or Cimaroli, Tomatoes full of rice, Maritozzi with Cream, Frappe or Cenci, Puntarelle. Meatballs with broccoli and seafood, aubergine roulade with cod, grapes and pine kernels, pumpkin flowers with porcini, and pigeon with lentils and kumquat are examples of the fabulous roman cuisine.
In order to taste the true roman kitchen you needs to go in a typical Trattorie and in the Taverns, of Trastevere. Here to cook still use the methods and the traditional procedures used long time ago. Each restaurants the use ingredients that offer a precious sensorial experience: a fine quality ambience in which to relax, sublime service and excellent food.
In this section Eat in Rome a complete list of restaurant where to eat typical roman foods:: Trattorie, Restaurants, Pizzerie, Taverns, Wine Bar e International restaurants in Rome and province. For each resaturant there are many web pages with description, photo, map, menu, wines menu, specialty, facilities, closing day, email address and website.

Transports in Rome Transports in Rome
Rome is one art city in the region of Lazio situated in the center of Italy. To reach Rome is very simple with whichever type of transport; in Car, in train, Bus and airplane. The main Airport Leonardo da Vinci, situated in the area of Fiumicino, approximately 35 km from the historical center of Rome. From the Airport is simple to reach all the other zone thanks to railway line connections from and to Rome Rermini railway station; from this station is simply to get all publics or private transports. Axist another Airport situated in Ciampino (approximately 15 km from Rome) and it's very connected to the Temini Station by a railway line and by the Bus. Is possible to take a Taxi from one of the two airports; the cost is approximately about 40 Euro. Also for who it arrives to Rome by train will find many services and transport for reach whichever zone; from the Termini Station, there are many public and private transports. The second railway station for importance is the Tiburtina station, anch' served it from the metropolitan and many buses. Present E' moreover also a efficente service of bus and tram electrical workers who connect every zone of the city.
In Rome there are 8 Railway stations: Ipogeo degli Ottavi, Monte Mario, Quattro Venti, San Filippo Neri, Roma Nomentana Station, Roma Tiburtina Station, Roma Termini Station, Roma Trastevere Station.
If you arrive to Rome by cars you must cover the Grande Raccordo Annulare, both from North that from South, and to follow the indications for the Via Salaria (exit number 8) and take for the direction 'Center': continuing on this road is possible to reach the historical center. To remember that there are some traffic limitations in the zone of the historical centers of Rome that are opportunely marked during the roads that you have covered. Currently the block of the traffic is applied between the 6,30 a.m. and the 6,00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and between the 2,00 p.m. and 6,00 p.m. on Saturdays. Moreover it is possible to park the own car in one of many Parkings located in every point of the city.
The service of the Taxi is applicable every day. Rome has two lines of Metropolitan; the line A crosses the city from the southern periphery (Via Tuscolana - via Appia) to the zone of the Vatican and the B line connects the east zone (Rebibbia) with the EUR, intercrossing the line A to the Termini Railway station.
For having more information about reach Rome visits the section How to reach Rome

Events in Rome Events in Rome
In Rome are organizated Events in rome and in Italy of whichever kind in every period of the year. Many events and manifestations of great tourist importance like popular manifestation, local traditions, Extensions, conventions, folklore, conferences...
In this website section we propose all the events inserted by pur customers and by the hotel's & Restaurant's owners; all the events are subdivided by category so you can simply find what you are looking for.
In the left column you'll find the links to the list of events; Festivals, Concerts, Local Traditions, Folklore, Festivities, Extensions, Typical Markets, Theatres Shows, Courses, Conferences, Fairs, Other events not in the other categories.

School in Rome School in Rome
Rome is one of the most important capital in the world: the historical and artistic patrimony of Rome is unique. Thanks to its past rich of glory is the physical heart of the western culture and the spiritual heart of the catholic church. Every year thousand of students coming from all the world and decides to study in Rome the art, the history and whichever other scientific and humanistic discipline; also a simple walk for the historical center of the city can already be considered a lesson of culture. Rome is also instruction and culture: for this reason exist much Schools in Rome Italy attended by Italians and foreign students. In Rome therefore were born much Art Schools specialized in course of Restoration, design, antique dealing, course of art, painting, design.
Very known in Rome the Italian Language Schools specialized in qualified course of language with expert instructors and with students who arrive to Rome in order to perfect the languages. From not much time are diffuse also the Dance Schools with course of dance of every kind: 'Black Dance', 'Hip Hop', 'Tango Argentino', 'Liscio', ' Modern dance', etc.
For those who are interested to having greater information about the Schools in Rome Italy we have have listed the Primary Schools, averages, elementary and University.

Shops in Rome Shops in Rome
In Rome you can find all the types of storees to make shopping; from the small craftsman shop until arriving to big store. In Rome you can buy dress of famous designer, apparel in skin, Handicraft, products of beauty, products of great companies. Rome is rich of markets full of the colored stalls with of souvenir; objects of Handicraft made with the old techniques, gadget, souvenirs with monuments, churches, roman conqueror, etc.
Rome can offer a great choice of local typical products like wine, handicraft, pecorino romano, salumi (porchetta of Ariccia in particular), the pangiallo, the wine donuts, the coppiette, bread with the pepper, cakies as the pupazza and biscuits 'della sposa'. Between the several storees in the historical center we can find Jewels & Clocks, Handicraft, Apparel with the best dress storees and the fashionable shoes of the best companies; Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Gucci.
In thi section Shops in Rome a selection of the best shops in Rome e province.

Historical People Historical People
Rome has been the capital of the world and these thanks to the conquests of famous generals and conquerors that have extended the dominion of the Roman Empire from Africa, to Great Britain, from Spain to Syria. Rome can be considered a open museum thanks to the numerous works of art and monuments realizated by great artists and historical personages. Monuments, churches, sculptures, obelischi, cathedral, holes, arch are only some of the works that Rome offers to the tourists that they decide to visit the city. Conquerors coma Giulio Cesar, Augusto, Adrian are only some of that you will be able to discover visiting this section. Read the enterprise of this commanders allow you to make a jump in the heart of the life in the time of the Roman Empire.

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Site Map Site Map
For one simpler navigation inside Rome Online there is a Site Map with links to all main sections of the website subdivided for categories and subcategories, each with an argument of reference. Thanks to this instrument you will have a disposition 'x-ray of the website' which you will be able, in few seconds, to find what you are looking for.
Moreover, if this were not to the yours case you can also visit the page Site search; from here, inserting simple keyword (or more keywords together), and clicking on 'search' you'll obtain a results with a list of pages.

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