There are many treatments but for that, a person has to consult a doctor instead of getting sad and not asking for some proper treatment processes. It can be removed by following the advice from doctors and by receiving proper treatment. Some of the common reasons are potassium deficiency or arsenic contamination of drinking water.In excitement stages, all muscles of the body get tensed and the heartbeat increases. An erection happens in the male body when blood flows into the penis. Breathing becomes faster than usual and muscles continue to be tense till the time ejection happens.


Everyone wants to be fit and healthy so that he or shecan work actively and feel high all the time. No matter what the age group of a person is, all of them are very serious about their sexual health. Any other kind of health-related problem they can deal with but if a man has any sexual problem, then it harms them very much. A sexual problem can leadto a loweredconfidence in a person.

There are many treatments for this disease so a person suffering from this must not feel low but instead consult a doctor and ask for some proper treatment processes. It can be removed just by following the advice from doctors and by having proper treatment.

tadalafil 20mg side effects


It is right to say that Cialis is very much effective for our healthif anyone is suffering from sexual dysfunction. Always try to figure out what your body needs, whenever you are feeling while having sexual activity with your partner. Tadalafil medicine is available online andyou can check out tadalafil 20mg side effects anytime but before that, you must consult with a doctor. Below mentioned aresome symptoms you can refer to if you feel you might fall into this category.

  • If you are taking more than the limited daily dosage,then it may be possible that you will feel dizziness during sexual activity or pain in chest and tingling in arms, neck, and jaw. These are side effects of having Cialis more than usual. In this situation, do not take Cialis again, instead, contact a doctor.
  • Irregular heartbeat and difficulty in breathing are also considered as side effects of excessive use of the medicine. A normal person who does not know about the side effects of Cialiswill think they need more medicine and will take it too but this is very serious. Never do that because it may harm your life.


Every problem has a solution but for that, aperson needs to do it in the right way, with the right person at the right time. The same is with sexual dysfunction, in this advanced world of technology, everyone is suffering from this but by consulting with a proper doctor, they are getting rid of that problem and you can do the same too!